Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Slash Gordon Leaves Planet Earth

"The 2% of our total energy that now comes from renewables is much less than in many other European countries. In the Energy White Paper we announced plans to triple the amount of electricity from renewables by 2015. But as the urgency of tackling climate change and achieving energy security increases, the case for more reliance on renewables has become more compelling. And that is why at the European Council this year Britain led the way to an agreement that by 2020 one-fifth of all Europe's energy should come from renewables, a near threefold increase.

The UK worked hard to get agreement to this target and let me make it absolutely clear, we are completely committed to meeting our share. The European Commission will, as you know, come forward with their proposals for how the overall target is to be divided between member states in January. A final decision is expected in early 2009. We do not yet know therefore what the UK contribution will be but it is clear that over the next decade and beyond Britain will need to raise very significantly the proportion of our energy from renewable sources and we must start planning for this now." Gordon Brown PM 19 November.

And the assembled hacks solemnly enter his words into their spiral bound notebooks, all unaware that this is the Gordon whose Government spend April capping the Low Carbon buildings Programme to £2500 per domestic property, thus slashing the take up of domestic solar heating and PV. His ignorant Government is also resisting a feed in tariff, which is the means used in Germany who have 100 PV domestic cells for every one in the UK?

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