Thursday, November 15, 2007

There seems to be a remarkable degree of consensus on this thread that the "War on Terror" is a bogus war.

Yes, 9/11, M11, July 7th and the other attacks were outrages/atrocities/tragedies, as were the civilian deaths caused by the American backlash. Yes, we need the effective intelligence and police oprations to arrest any groups who want to bomb us. No, we do not need the limitations on our civil liberties that UK and US Governments are imposing in the name of WoT. No, we do not need the ridiculous military expenditure of the WoT. We should exit Iraq, and buy the Afghan opium crop for medical use instead of trying to stamp out the illicit opium trade.

Is that much pretty consensual (except for Iron Mike of course)?

If so, next question: what are we all going to do about it?

For Peace


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