Friday, December 07, 2007

The Earth Moves at Bali

News from Bali is depressing. America, as usual, leads the way for Lemmingkind, blocking international agreements, but mumbling about voluntary national agreements. Big deal.
Japan is holding Uncle Sam's coat tails. Less developed countries will not move until America gives a lead. SNAFU.

The only bright spot is China, which has woken up to the reality of AGW. I always said the Chinese would come through, because they may be a decrepit fossilising oligarchy at the end of their life span, about to give way to democracy, but they are not stupid, not like Some.

The Earth tried to make its presence felt with a small earthquake, 5.9 Richter, out at sea. The journalists did not notice it, but this was in the evening, so they were probably all concentrating on merging the images of the pair of glasses in front of them into a single glass that they could get hold of and sup from. Someone said it felt like a truck going by. Quite.

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