Thursday, March 06, 2008

Cry havoc and let loose the blind dogs of war!

Great piece of investigative journalism in today's Guardian. The "UK fears Iran still working on nuclear weapon" (March 6th) is the headline, and reading on, we learn that an anonymous senior British diplomat has seen "no serious evidence" that Iran has not resumed its development of a nuclear deterrent. We are not allowed to know what would constitute serious evidence capable of convincing a civil servant of this level of seniority.

Also there is a controversial IAEA report shows that Iranians have an organisational chart linking "a variety" of nuclear weapons projects.

Finally the senior diplomat says, "Just because we got it wrong on Iraq doesn't mean that we're getting it wrong on Iran".

Well, that's it then. Cry havoc and let loose the blind dogs of war! Once more unto the breach, dear friends, and fill the gap in our diplomats' knowledge with Iranian dead!


Words fail me.

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