Sunday, April 06, 2008

Snow, bodging, bolts, beeb and controversy

The day began with the shock of seeing the world covered in a light white sheet of snow. Foolishly neglected to go out and play in it (not deep enough for tour skis, although found that neighbours had great tobogganing on the hill before it all melted).

Emerged later to spend 2 hours looking for 20 bolts laid carefully aside last year to put the garden bench together. Decided in the end to buy some more. Got onto shaving horse and made a start on legs for outside table. Getting the hang of the pole lathe a bit.

BBC News 24 full of demonstrations around the Olympic torch. Giving loads of coverage because of “scuffles”. If the demonstrations had been entirely peaceful, there would have been negligible coverage. Draw your own conclusions as to the socio-political effects of this BBC policy. They describe them as “anti-China demonstrators”. I phoned the BBC complain and comment line (08700 100 222)

and told them that we are not anti-China, just pro-democracy and pro-human rights. But they were still calling them anti-China on the six o’clock.

Come in to do emails, find I have to defend the right of the International Committee to advocate the legitimisation of Afghan opium, diverting it to medical use. Could be an interesting debate.

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