Saturday, May 10, 2008

Gordon: cracks showing

Back home again, I return to my hobby of smiting wood.

We green woodworkers prefer to make out own tools where possible. I have 3 mallets, one a great Neanderthal style clunking fist called Gordon, one a lightweight called Dave, and an odd medium sized chap that I called Brian, for no particular reason at the time, but which I now realise relates to Brian Paddick the LibDem candidate for London. Who shared the fate of Ken and Sian, of being beaten by Boris.

Brian is a worthy mallet, being of a new design in that the fibres of the smiting face go in at 45 degrees, thus avoiding splittages. The handle is made of a natural branch, so there is strength at the heart of the mallet.

Gordon is breaking up. There are bits missing, and he is developing a great split.

I know this is of no significance whatsoever, except in some obscure journalistic sense.

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