Thursday, May 01, 2008

Index of Human Rights Resolution submission

I put this here, (a) because it may be of interest to some, and (b) I have no memory stick, so this is the way to make it available.

Resolution on an Index of Human Rights in the UN
Global Greens, Sao Paolo 2008

This Congress of the Global Greens

Recognising that 2008 is the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Recognising that despite the Declaration and the praiseworthy actions of numerous NGOs, many governments are still abusers of human rights

Recognising that there is a need to be pro-active in human rights issues, rather than merely reactive

Recognising that the human rights actions of all governments are recorded by Amnesty International and the UN, but that these detailed records are not easily accessible to the general public

Recognising that these records can be expressed as a numerical value, and that the relative position of all governments with regard to their human rights record can then be published annually by the United Nations as a ranked Index

Recognising that such a published list will exert a continual positive influence on governments everywhere to improve their actions on human rights, and will identify the very worst offenders

This congress of the global greens is

Resolved to bring pressure on our Permanent Representatives at the United Nations, and with all available United Nations Associations and human rights NGOs to adopt the Index of Human Rights in the United Nations.

Proposed by Richard Lawson
Green Party England and Wales Delegate

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