Monday, May 05, 2008

Saturday Night in Sao Paolo

Red stars in a cloud-smeared sky:
lights on a pylon on a tower.

Humanity like tiny mice
scurry beneath the feet of giants

vertiginous white Titans,
gleam coldly in diffuse grey light,

great trolls caught in an icy spell,
naked, immobile, dead and still.

A river flowing over rocks
would sound like chattering humans

dining beside this roaring road,
laughing with all our bright warm smiles

our shining eyes, as cars burn by,
faster than blooded predators.

A few trees mark the ancient place
where forests used to hide the land,

where once before, their flowing life
gave monkeys a green home.

Much black-red human blood was spilled
to build a city to Saint Paul,

Supplanting sacrificial mounds
with stony churches pointing to

a half-grasped heaven. Now this immensity
defying sky, crushing the earth.

Right now, we mean no harm,
only to have a happy time

We feel but do not think
We think, but do not know
We know, but do not act

The trees are eyeing up the towers,

Biding their time.

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© Richard Lawson

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