Monday, August 18, 2008

CNN uses misleading footage to shift blame away from Georgia

I am not sure now if it the controversial footage was shown on BBC or not, but CNN was certainly involved. Take a look at the footage for yourself, and you decide.

Alex Jones' InfoWars names the cameraman as Aleksandr Zhukov, from the Russiya Al-Yaum channel.
He said: “When we arrived and news came that Gori was being shelled, I saw my footage. I said: that’s not Gori! That’s Tskhinvali. Having crawled through the length and breadth of Tskhinvali, I don’t need much to tell from which point this or that footage was recorded. I can swear in front of any tribunal. I can point at this location on the map of the town, because I and the cameraman of the Rossiya channel videotaped that.”

To me, the footage of the cameraman looks authentic. He is twitchy and freaked out, not calm and media savvy as would be expected of someone whose job it is to mislead.

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