Sunday, September 28, 2008

Alan Duncan, Conspiracy Theorist

Alan Duncan, the Tory energy shadow, was on telly yesterday talking to Andrew Neil. It was an interesting interview. Neil rolled out some pretty searching questions, and he allowed Duncan to answer without interruptions, even though Duncan avoided giving straight answers to most of them, and was careful to keep up an obbligato of attack on poor Gordon's record.

One of his most electrifying assertions was that Gordon was deliberately fouling up the nation's accounts in order to present the incoming Tory Government with a problem. Yes, he actually said this, and it puts him fair and square into the camp of conspiracy theorists. It is exactly the same in essence, if not in scale, with the theory that Bush arranged the 9/11 attack, that is, that Brown is deliberately destroying the assets placed in his care in order to make things difficult for his opponents.

A conspiracy theory of this magnitude coming from such a prominent member of the Loyal Opposition who may well be in Government within a year or two merits challenge. What evidence does he have that Brown is doing this deliberately, rather than through the normal process of governmental politico-economic blundering?

This ought to be one for our fearless investigative journalists to go for, like a pack of bull mastiffs attacking - well, a bull. Will they do it?

Don't hold your breath.

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