Sunday, September 14, 2008

Dept of Health; concern over BMI of 40

The Guardian shows a very stimulating centrefold on Sept 13. I cannot find it on the web, so if you missed it, you will have to rummage through your muesli-eatig neighbour's recycling pile - just don't make a mess!

It shows at a glance great blobs representing spending sums. The biggest blob is the Dept of Work and Pensions at £137 bn/y, but the second biggest is the Dept of Health at an obese £106 bn. Work and Pensions has an excuse because they have to answer all those letters from grannies who have lost their pension books, but the DoH? Who in their right mind writes to the Dept of Health expecting help?

Looks as if there is scope for a slimming programme at the DoH (pron. "Doh").

My management plan for grossly overweight bureaucracies is a suggestion book. Any workers can write in with their plan for increasing efficiency and saving money. Anything from installing CFLs to proposing more efficient workflows. If it involves axeing their own jobs, they are guaranteed work in a different office. Successful proposals will be rewarded with a proportion of the money saved.

While we are at it, bad managers can be identified by the rates of sick leave (especially for "stress") in the offices in their oversight. As a doctor, if I have someone with work stress sitting in front of me, my first question is, "Are you doing 2 peoples' work?", and the second is, "Is your boss a bastard?". The answers are mostly yes and yes.

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