Monday, September 15, 2008

Lehman brothers - an elegy


Farewell then
Lehman brothers.
Once top cock
on the financial ordure heap
Now part of the compost.

Keith's mum recalls that
in 2003 you were fined $80 million in a scam involving inappropriate distinction links between your research analysts and your investment bank division.

I find it easier to view you as just another victim of the sub-prime mortgage scam,
for which read greedy banksters who thought they had found a way to turn lend into gold.

No doubt your directors will walk away with heavy burdens of gelt, but not guilt.

People are beginning to speak of closing the financial regulatory door now that the horse has bolted.

A brave few are beginning to speak again of de-privatising the money supply, but their voice is smothered in a cacophony of disbelief and incomprehension.

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