Tuesday, September 30, 2008

There is a financial crisis plan

The Editor
The Guardian

Your Leader (Bleak times, 30th September) asserts that nobody has a plan to cope with the crisis. This is not strictly true: at our last Conference, the Green Party enthusiastically adopted the Green New Deal, which would plough into the real economy the kind of money that the Government has been ready to throw at the black hole of debt in the heart of the fatally flawed financial system. This Green Keynesian solution to the present recession will create new employment in the energy conservation sector, thus helping homeowners and businesses alike with their energy bills. It will also invest in a huge programme of renewable energy and power distribution lines which will reduce and end our life-threatening addiction to oil. This green investment has to make more sense than trying to prop up one failing financial institution after another until the Government's cupboard is truly bare, with good money thrown after bad in a vain attempt to forestall the inevitable.

Dr Richard Lawson


Ron Robins said...

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Best wishes, Ron Robins

DocRichard said...

Hi Ron, thanks for commenting. I had a look at your website, and fully agree that "if we desire a better world, and/or are concerned about our spiritual development, about ethics, or the environment, etc., then we must incorporate such higher values in investing decisions".

We need somehow to build those concerns into the very heart of the financial system that emerges at the end of this crisis.