Thursday, October 30, 2008

Will the Republicans cheat again next week?

My colleague Peter Tatchell blogs on the ingrained tendency of the Republicans to commit serious electoral fraud. He links to a new report by Robert Kennedy jr. I collected a load of info about the 2004 Votergate on my website here. There is so much material, and it was so outrageous that I was unable to summarise it effectively.

The most painful aspect, beyond the actual crimes against democracy committed by the Republicans, was the way the Democrats just moved aside and refused to protest or contest the cheating. And the way the media treated it as a total non-story.

That is why I have no optimism about an Obama victory next week. They will turn voters off the register, they will make it difficult for them to vote, they will electronically turn Democrat votes into Republican votes again, the Democrats will not have the guts to challenge the cheating, and even if Obama does win, they will probably kill him.

It is awful to write these things, but we have to be realistic in politics don't we?


Gordon said...

"and even if Obama does win, they will probably kill him."

The meme that won't go away. With the security they have these days, an assassination would have to be an inside-job, and I'm not convinced the secret services and intelligence community have more against Obama than they have had against Bush and his entourage.

DocRichard said...

Hi Gordon, thanks for commenting. I take it that you are not the Prime Minster, but if you are, thank you very much indeed to take the trouble.

I sincerely hope that you are right. There was a plot a few days ago,
but luckily they got caught.