Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Fed up with politicians? Vote here

Many voters are not fully satisfied with the service provided by Westminster. Some continue doggedly to vote, acting out of civic duty. Others abstain, or even consider voting for the BNP - precisely to show their dissatisfaction.

The Green Party needs to get across the message that our world view is a radical departure from the dreary philosophy of corporate profit above all things that rules in Parliament, and that it is a valid constructive, non-violent alternative to the BNP.

I think the strap line image above encapsulates what we need to get across, but that's just my opinion. You can vote for or against this idea : Click Here to take survey


Philip Booth said...

Like it!

weggis said...

Should that be "you're"?

DocRichard said...

Hi Weggis

It is from the one about the two nuns who find their way blocked by Dracula.

I will call it an ambisemiotic phrase because I do not know the right word to describe a sentence that has two meanings.


DocRichard said...

Philip, you are a man of impeccable taste, and your judgment is spot on, imo.

weggis said...

Aren't the Green Party opposed to Ambisemioticism in all its forms?

DocRichard said...

Well Weggis,we have a few days left before the SOC deadline. You can draft up an Enabling Motion for the Spring Conference, and set up an Ambiosemioticism Working Party with email list, draw up a DVP for Autumn, have it referred back because someone thinks it should be "Ambi-semioticism", and someone else thinks is should be plain "Ambivalence" or "Ambiguity" and someone else thinks it sounds too much like "Antisemitism", and someone else thinks "in all its forms is too vague. Then we can bring a further motion for debate in Spring 2010. Then we will know if the Green party is fully opposed. I suspect there will be a small but significant minority who believe that all language is to some extent ambiguous, but within that group there will be factions in favour of said ambiguity.
I hope this is helpful.