Monday, November 03, 2008

Republican Vote Cheaters Beware

Wow. I just looked at my site stats and am getting loads of hits from searches on "Republicans cheat steal votes".

Will Republicans cheat this time around too?

Good question. Let me answer it with another question:

Does a member of the family Ursidae defecate in the woods?

Keep your eye on Black Box Voting.
Tireless investigators. Unlike the [pejorative deleted] mainstream journalists who lacked the guts to carry the story of the Diebold scam &c in 2004. We have a Standing for Voters organisation to stop any more pathetic rollovers by the Democrats this time.

May the Infinite One bless all Americans who vote for Obama in the marginal states, and all those who vote for the Green Candidate Cynthia McKinney in the states where the vote is just a glorified opinion poll because it is a safe seat.

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