Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Voting irregularities in the land of democracy.

Not that I want to damp down the euphoria of this great day, but we should remember that reality continues unabated no matter how we feel. Take a look here at some of the things that happened. Tip of the iceberg.

Here in Britain also there is a problem with electoral fraud

Electoral fraudsters should be identified, and punished appropriately. Not hung or flogged, nor imprisoned. Some form of community service would be good; litter picking or similar. And they should be educated on the subject of democracy. Maybe they should have to pass a test before the litter picking is wound up. MCQ, written and oral. And they should be barred for life (or a very long time, whichever is more appropriate)from having any work in government again.

Democracy is not the private invention of Europeans or Anglos ( that a word? It is now). Ultimately, even autocrats and theocrats can only rule as long as the people let them.

Democracy is not a given. It has to be defended against those who do not respect democracy. One aspect of this defence must be identification of the electoral fraud that has taken place in the Presidential Elections that have just taken place, with such a happy outcome.

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