Monday, December 22, 2008

Climate change denialist Myth#6 : CO2 reduction will not work

"Anonymous", in a comment to this blog , challenges me to demonstrate that “That trying to limit CO2 emissions will actually accomplish something”. So let us look at

Myth No. 6: “Limiting CO2 emissions will not have any effect on global warming”

Certainly, if you are a denialist who does not accept the basic physical observation of the Greenhouse Effect, or if you do not accept the fact that CO2 is a greenhouse gas, reducing CO2 will not affect the climate one bit.

If, with the scientific community, we accept the physics of the Greenhouse Effect, then CO2 emission reduction is necessary, but not sufficient. It must be part of a range of measures on all GFGs (Greenhouse Forcing Gases), the first being to stop their growth, then reducing them down to as near zero as practically possible. This will be achieved by working on energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies.

At the same time, mankind must also carefully defend and support the carbon sinks in soil, vegetation, and oceans, thus aiding the Earth’s natural ability to absorb CO2.

These measures will reduce the atmospheric GFGs, and atmospheric science predicts that catastrophic AGW will be averted.

The act of addressing AGW, which is going to be a mighty economic undertaking, similar to the way we geared up for war in 1940, will also address the current serious economic recession according to Keynesian theory - the Green New Deal. This debunks another favourite Denialist Myth that says "Coming off Carbon will ruin the economy". In fact, the project of coming off carbon will pull the world economy out of recession.

So by coming off the carbon economy and entering the Solar Age, we can make a difference not just to the world environment, but to society and the economy at the same time.

Let's look at it this way: it is in the nature of science that its theories must be capable of being disproven by unexpected observations in the future.

I, along with the overwhelming majority of the scientific community, hold to the AGW theory.
Anonymous, along with an insignificant minority of scientists, is in denial, sorry, is sceptical (=skeptical) of AGW.

If we are wrong, we have still pulled the world economy out of a serious recession, we have taken the sting out of Peak Oil, and avoided a host of pollution problems. Not a bad way to be wrong.

Anonymous, if you are wrong, and the earth heats up by 2 degrees Celsius, do you know what will happen? Or at 4 degrees? Or 6?

Any denialist who wishes to comment, please put "global warming effects" into any search engine, and summarise the picture in a few sentences in your own words at the beginning of your comment.

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