Sunday, December 21, 2008

Link on bird kills by turbines

Interesting link here to a detailed new report from Stanford University reviews and ranks
major energy-related solutions to global warming, air pollution
deaths, and energy security

I post it because Anonymous writes sad insults on this blog last week

The Stanford report says:

7) Effects on wildlife and the natural environment are considered
separately for each of the 12 technologies. Here we can only hit the
highlights of this long section of the report. For example, this
section explicitly addresses the concern that wind turbines kill large
numbers of bats and birds each year. The report concludes that, in the
worst case, if 1.4 to 2.3 million 5-megawatt wind turbines were
installed worldwide to eliminate all human-created CO2
emissions, total global bird kill would be 1.4 to 14 million birds per
year. This large number represents less than 1% of birds killed each
year by humans including by communication towers and their guy wires
(which birds smash into at night, attracted by lights), window panes,
and pet cats or former-pet feral cats. Although killing 1.4 to 14
million birds per year is not trivial, it can be weighed against
eliminating enough air pollution to save an estimated 2.4 million
human lives each year and a large (though not well-quantified)
reduction in harm to wildlife by eliminating toxic air and water
pollution. Wild animals, including birds, are harmed by pollution just
as humans are."

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