Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Milliband, Stansted protests, and disintegrated thinking

Ow tickled I ham to read that David Miliband is calling for a mass movement of people along the lines of Make Poverty History to pressurise governments into taking action on global warming, while on the same day, 49 people were arrested for blocking Stansted Airport in protest at the role of air travel in climate change.

I suppose the spin will be that the airport blockade was the work of only a tiny handful of deeply committed activists, not the mass movement required to act on the constipated bowels of political action. However, this is from a Minister in the Government that gave a complete ignoral to the mass demonstrations throughout the world calling for no war on Iraq.

Either way, it is the job of Government to govern, and to act in the best interests of the people. The clear scientific advice is that global warming must be stopped and reversed. It can be stopped and reversed, and in healing the planet, we will also be healing and transforming the economy into one based on green values, not greed values.

As a psychiatrist, I am worried about the dissociation that is evidenced in so much Government cognition.

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