Monday, December 15, 2008

Save us from Dave the Cave

I see young Dave Cameron is having a go at the banksters: "Doctors get struck off for irresponsible actions, so also should bankers". He is presumably trying to dissociate himself from the people who stuck the silver spoon in his mouth at birth, nothing wrong with that in itself. But Dave has caved in to the free-marketeers in his party, and if elected he would be a huge threat to this country because he would not do the right economic thing, which is Green Keynsianism - a Green New Deal.

NuLabour must be hugging itself because it it now only 1% behind in the polls, but there is a long way to go before the real thing, and given the steady drip-drip of anti-labour propaganda from the right wing press, Cameron is favourite to be the first past the post.

NuLabour is crap, but the Tories are crapper, with their laissez-faire policies. The only way to guarantee they do not get their sticky fingers on the reins of economic power is to have a proportional electoral system that reflects the will of the people. The will of the people must surely be to have a Government that invests in benign energy infrastructure in order to bring about a rational economy.

We need to be talking this one up. For too long there has been no choice in politics, it has all been grey, grey, or grey. Now there is a real policy gap, with NuLab, LibDems, Greens and indeed all sentient life forms convinced that Government must invest in the real (and that means Green) economy, and the Tories bleating about the free market (which got us here in the first place).

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