Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sock tongue twister

At this time of year, when alcohol is consumed in bulk, it is common for people to try tongue twisters to see hoe nimble their tongue is feeling.

Common tongue twisters like "The Leith Police beseecheth us" suffer from the problem of familiarity, so their tonguetwistiness is lessened.

Therefore as a service to humanity I offer this new tongue twister:

A MD of a sock manufacturing company calls his design team, all six of them, to talk about his idea.

"Black, blue and brown socks are so dull," he said, "Design me some gay socks."

So they go away for 3 months and come up with a design robbed from Banksy, two policeman kissing. Naked.

They bring it to the MD, he takes a look, and, because he is a Catholic and has just read Pope Benedict;s 2008 Chritsmas message, says

"These sick sex socks suck. You six are sacked."

Try it as you close the door of the pub.

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