Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tutu Zimbabwe and Dealing with Dictators

Desmond Tutu rightly accuses South Africa over Mugabe, and other world leaders are winging their hands noisily over the wretched dictator. It has been blindingly obvious for many years that Robert Mugabe is not fit to be left in charge of a family pet, let alone a whole country.

Mugabe, Burma, Sudan, Israel and all the other oppressive regimes in the world fester on, with world leaders engaged in a solemn political dance around the smouldering fire of human rights in those countries, some agonising, others denying that there is any problem.

Enough already. Responsibility to Protect has in principle put an end to this nonsensical international anarchy. What we now need is a means of measuring the performance of all states, and for a framework for dealing with dictators in an organised way, one that will non-violently punish their downward spiral into totalitarianism, but reward any move they make towards improvement or abdication. Go here and find Appendix 4.

Happy Christmas/Solistice/Winterval/Consumerfest (delete as appropriate)

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