Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Guided market needed

Bit of controversy over on Ian Dale's Diary over the economy. Tories criticise NuLabour's indebtedness. I comment as below.

Evan Price said "Doc Richard asks where the criticisms of New Labour's policies on house prices and debt were - well, if he does a little research he will come up with repeated criticisms of the house price and debt bubbles going back to about 2002". He goes on to quote criticisms of NuLabour's policies in the specialist press.

I apologise if my remarks were unfair to the Conservative Party, but Evan does not state that they were coming from that source or its MPs. I was working from the fact of general philosophical support of the Conservatives to the free unregulated market.

I hope we can now all agree that free market fundamentalism is as dead as the command economy, and that what we need is a market guided into the paths of ecological sustainability and social equity.

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