Saturday, January 03, 2009

Bush says Hamas to blame for the Violence being unleashed on Gaza

Bush says Hamas to blame for Gaza.
Hamas says Israel and Bush are to blame for the attacks.
Israel says Hamas is to blame.
Hamas says Israel started it.
Israel says Hamas provoke them to do it.

And so on and so on, an infinite regress, a regress ad absurdum, or more likely, a regress ad nihilo.

And all over the world commentators are pitching in on one side or other of this insane infinite regress.

Buddhism on the other hand wisely teaches that things arise mutually in a web of interacting causality.

There is no military solution to this mess. Israel is trying to destroy the apparatus of a hostile state, seeking a final solution to the problem of ideologies that deny the right of the Israeli state to exist, but in destroying buildings and institutions (such as they are) of Hamas, they are simply building more hatred that creates more attacks on the Israeli people.

The solution does not lie in explosives, it lies in people like the Shmimistim , Jewish Teenagers who refuse to join the Israeli Defence (occupation) Force, and OneVoice, which unites peace-seeking people from both sides of the divide. And Friends of the Earth Middle East who seek to unite communities in defending their environment.

It is said that when the Jordan closed over the heads of Pharaoh's pursuing army, the people of israel gave a great cheer. Hearing it, the angels in heaven aslo raised a cheer, but God rebuked them. "It is understandable and forgivable that the Children of Israel should cheer, because they are in the thick of it; but you are angels, and should be able to see that even Pharaoh's soldiers are also my loved ones".

Wisdom is the facility to take a wider view.

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