Sunday, January 18, 2009

Gaza Ceasefire in doubt

Not very hopeful about the durability of the ceasefire. I bet Hamas continues to fire its rockets, giving Olmert an excuse to continue his pogrom in Gaza.

"You see? We declared a ceasefire, and the rockets continue. We regret the ongoing massacre of the innocents, but it is all Hamas' fault".

'Which side is really to blame?' is a dumb question. Philosophically, it is a category error. Militarism - the belief that violence is a solution to political and economic problems - is to blame.

The solution is not to apportion blame, but to have a permanent ceasefire, stop the blockade, and demilitarise the area by taking the toys away from the boys. To stop the rockets, Gaza and the border crossings has to be patrolled by dogs trained to sniff out explosives, and the supply of arms to Israel from the USA and EU must also stop. In place of militarism, we need massive investment into water management throughout the Land.

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