Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Scottish Parliament Budget hinges on Green MSP support

Scottish Parliament Budget hinges on Green MSP support: "talks have been on-going between ministers and the Greens, who have demanded a £100m-a-year free home insulation scheme.

Mr Swinney has offered a lower-price pilot scheme, but Green MSP Patrick Harvie said he did not think his party's demand was unreasonable.

He told BBC Radio's Good Morning Scotland programme: 'From a Green perspective, there is a lot of big, bad stuff in this budget.

'I know that £100m is a substantial demand, or a substantial request, but there is a substantial amount in this budget we would be asked to overlook if we were to vote for it.

'I really hope that John Swinney and others right across the spectrum will see the value of what we are proposing, and that we will see a budget pass this evening.'"

Free home insulation is definitely a good investment in these chilly economic times. State money spent on insulation eases fuel poverty, creates good work, and reduces CO2 emissions.
Good luck to Robin Harper and Patrick Harvie, our Green MSPs.

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