Monday, January 05, 2009

Sure fire way to stop Qassam rockets

Israel's stated aim in its invasion of Gaza is to stop the rocket attacks. The practical way to achieve this is to have a ceasefire, and set up a for a third party trusted by both sides to patrol Gaza with units led by dogs trained to identify the odour of rocket fuel. They would be able to react to caches of Qassam rockets, which could then be confiscated and destroyed.

The Green Party has adopted the expanded use of dogs to pinpoint ammunition caches. This is proven tachnology (if dogs can be called technology) and is not expensive. Success with use of dogs in this application could bring forward the wider use of dogs in this role, and lead to a global reduction in the availability of ammunition in small arms and light weapons.

If the Israelis reject this option, it would provide evidence that their stated objective is just a cover for a wider agenda - namely, regime change. The Israeli Government says that it does not intend ot occupy Gaza, but their actions are calculated to destroy the democratically elected government of Gaza - so what is their plan? Another election? Is Fatah in a position to contest an election in Gaza? Or do the Israelis envisage a governmental vacuum, as in Somalia?

It seems that the action is no more thought through than the invasion of Iraq. It is simple to win a war, if you have military supremacy and you do not have any scruples about killing civilians, but to win the peace is a more complex matter.


Egg Man said...

I completely agree that a third party needs to come into this situation. In America we don't like people take veangance against individuals who have committed against him. The situation in the middle east more resembles a feud than a war.

I don't know if what you say is true, or if there's anybody willing to get involved that would be approved of by both sides, but I can't wait for peace.

DocRichard said...

Thanks for commenting. It is a blood feud, with both sides locked into an irrational spiral of violence. All wars come to an end when both sides are at an end of their resources. We must focus on the policies that will emerge when militarism comes to an end.