Monday, February 09, 2009

Cancel your TV licence DD!!

I have just been speaking to the TV licensing Authority, who wrote asking why I cancelled my Cancel your TV licence Direct Debit please, in protest at the BBC's refusal to play the DEC appeal on behalf of Disaster Emergency Council Humanitarian Appeal.

I spoke to the young man at the BBC. I told him it was because of Mark Thompson's decision to ban the DEC Humanitarian appeal. The young man in Blackburn was polite, but said I was the first DD cancellation for that reason he had heard of.


Maybe most humanitarians do not pay their TV licences by DD anyway. If you are, and do, please lose no time in canceling your DD, and get your friends to do the same. Hopefully the BBC will have a new Director General by the time it falls due. Or we may decide that we can live without the TV anyway.

An Amish, giving a talk, was asked "What is the essential difference between the Amish and ordinary folks?"
He said, "Who here has a TV?"
All the hands went up.
He said "Who here thinks their life would be better without a TV?"
Most of the hands went up.
He said "That's the difference. We don't have TVs".

Canceling the DD is not illegal, will not cost you anything, but will cost the BBC because they have to send out reminder notices.

All you have to do is to contact the bank and tell them to cancel the Direct Debit.
[update: how I did pay in the end]


Green Gordon said...

Blame Mark Thompson, Mark Thomas is all right...

DocRichard said...

GG, thanks, that is the second time I have made that switch. I must slow down.

Anonymous said...

It won't make the slightest difference!!

This is a pointless process, the man won't pay the slightest attention to this kind of thing, he's too busy to notice.

Peter said...

Or maybe, as one of TV Licensing's finest, he was just fibbing when he said you were the first to cancel?!

weggis said...

Senior moments?

Anonymous said...

Go Amish - life IS better!

DocRichard said...

I am about to pay my license by cheque, but 1p short of the full amount, in protest at the DEC decision. Any suggestions or comments?

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