Saturday, February 28, 2009

Green New Deal figures; Brown G: Must Do Better

All over the world governments are pumping money into their ailing economies. The Green Party is among the many voices calling for the money to be directed into greening the economy, especially into energy conservation and renewable energy - the Green New Deal.

The Guardian reports on the proportion of the total stimulus devoted to economic greenery.

There is a race to be the most sensible investor in the ecological foundaiton of the economy.

And the winner is...

South Korea, with 69% . Well done, Prime Minister Han Seung-soo. Take a bow.

then, in descending order of merit,

, 34% . So much for the sceptics who ask why we should bother with CO2 reductions while China does not care.
Germany, 19% . Despite the fact that they have already done about 10x better than the UK, though they are still below Nicholas Stern's recommendation of 20%.
USA 16% . Not bad, Barack buddy, but don't stop there.
EU generally 14%.
Spain 10% . Ole'.
France 8%. (Shrug)
Britain 7%. See me afterwards, Brown.
Australia 2%. Poor show, Rudd. Your bloody country is dry as tinder, keeps bursting into flames, and you give a pathetic 2%? You could decarbonise your economy in a couple of years, the amount of sun you got there, and all you can manage is a 2??
Japan 2% . So sorry.
Italy 1% . What else to expect from a country that elects Berlesconi not once, but twice?
India - Nothing. Kali in the ascendancy there then. I hope it is a case of Kuchch Nahii Karna rather than Kuchch Nahii Ho Sakta, Mr Manmohan Singh.

Now, Brown. 7%. This simply is not good enough, especially from a person who repeatedly trumpets that the UK is "leading the world" in climate change matters. We have seen this before in the various derogations that you seek. Your greenery is all mouth and no troosers. You are an courageous lion in your own estimation, but turn into a wee sleekit timorous cowering beastie when it comes to putting your money where your mouth is.

Geoffrey Lean on the same topic.
Update: is seems that Darling is the filthy fly in Gordon's sweet smelling ointment.

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