Friday, February 20, 2009

UN moves towards Green Party Global Index of Human Rights

One-third of UN Member States scrutinized on human rights so far: "the United Nations Human Rights Council is now one-third of the way through to reviewing the human rights records of all 192 Member States of the Organization, according to the President of the Geneva-based body.

“This also brings us a step closer to achieving the overall goal of the Universal Periodic Review – that is, to improve the human rights situation in every country and address human rights violations wherever they occur,”"

Great news. This shows the value of the United Nations' work. The UN gets a lot of stick from the Right, sometimes deservedly, but it also can be a force for good. It will take four years to cover all nations.

The problem is that we have to penetrate fairly deep into the UN Human Rights Council website to find the actual data, which is presented in report form. The Green Parties' Global Human Rights Index would boil these reports down to a numerical figure, and publish each year a ranked Index, so that the relative position of each country would be revealed at a glance.

This current work by the UN Human Rights Council is a welcome step in the direction of putting the HR record of every state into the daylight, where anyone can tell at a glance what sort of regime is operating in any country.

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