Tuesday, March 31, 2009

G20 leaked plan from fairyland

The leaked draft of the G20 summit is terrifying in its blindness to global ecological reality.

It prattles of jobs and prosperity, does at least speak of regulating the markets, but is spraying growthist spittle over everything: it is clearly hoping to resolve the global crisis in order to carry on business as usual: to "increase output by [2]%", and restore banks to their monopoly position as money creators.

There is a token bland support offered to the UN's Millenium Development Goals, and right at the end, the bolt-on green commitment "23. We reaffirm our commitment to address the threat of irreversible climate change, and to reach agreement at the UN Climate Change conference in Copenhagen in December".

No grasp of the centrality of the Green New Deal, and the necessity of a Green Phoenix economy emerging from the present Bonfire of Vanities.

This is why we have to march tomorrow, to counter the pervasive dissociative state in which our rulers exist.

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