Saturday, March 07, 2009

Global Green New Deals

Here's a nice summary of Global Green New Deals from FundStrategy:

The idea of the Green New Deal is not confined to America and Britain. On the contrary, it is being promoted by several national governments and influential international organisations.

Perhaps the best known global advocates of a Green New Deal are Ban Ki-moon, the secretary general of the United Nations (UN) and Al Gore, the environmental campaigner and former American vice president. In a joint article in the Financial Times on February 16 they argued: “we need to make ‘growing green’ our mantra”.

Within the UN system the director of the UN Environment Programme (Unep), Achim Steiner, has proved a tireless advocate. In October 2008 Unep launched an official Global Green New Deal initiative.

- South Korea has one of the most advanced Green New Deal programmes in the world. It is spending about 3% of its GDP on green measures and aims to create 956,000 jobs. Its low carbon projects include developing railways, fuel efficient vehicles, energy conservation and environmentally friendly buildings.

- Japan’s environment ministry is considering the possibility of a Green New Deal along American lines. It is studying such measures as energy saving electrical appliances and car-sharing schemes. It also plans to create up to one million jobs through measures includ"

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