Friday, March 20, 2009

On the train to Conference

Hello..hi Mum..Howya doin?... I’m on the train…I’M ON THE TRAIN…yes, going to Blackpool for the Green Party Conference…I know, I heard it too, on Today…she was good wasn’t she? I thought John Humphrys was gentle with her, hope he doesn’t get into trouble…what? Well, with the BBC commissariat, for giving the Greens the oxygen of publicity.

Will electing Caroline have the effect of getting some journalists to cover Conference? I know, hope springs eternal … what? …no, "hope”…yes I know the Pope's going to visit the UK…No, the Pope...Who?...Oh, the poet…yes it was Alexander Pope who …there was no Pope Alexander...oh, was there? ...oh never mind. Anyway I hope we get some coverage.

I’m doing some economics policy. Basic stuff about the banks. Probably contentious, but they can’t refer it back again, ‘cause they have already done that once. Well, they can I suppose. I’m amazed that the party that has been against economic growth for 35 years – “thiir’y five years” still finds it difficult to understand that the growth in the money supply is an important driver of growth in the real…what…"bees”? What about bees? Yes, I expect we have something about bees and CCD. Why do you ask? …what?...”honey?”…”honey supply?”… not honey you eejit, Money. MONEY. M-O-N-E-Y. Yes, it’s a bad line. I’m on the train. I’M ON THE TRAIN. Oh. Well, I’d better go, my battery’s going down, and people are scowling at me. Look out for us on telly… Love you too. Oops we’re just going into a tunn...brrrrrrrrrr

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