Thursday, March 12, 2009

Red Nose Day T-shirts, red ratings on eBay

Most of the official Red Nose Day T-shirts are sold out

but there are two pages of RND T-shirts on eBay

There is a markup of between 50-300% on the eBay RND Tshirts.

It seems that greedy entrepreneurs are cashing in on the Red Nose charity.

I questioned some of the eBay sellers, asking if the profits are going to RND. I have received no answers.

It is a pity that traders are cashing in this national charity event for private profit, when so many good people are putting themselves out to help others.

I suppose the spivs will say that they helped RND to sell our, but they are still parasites on a charity.

What we can do is go into eBay and give them a negative sellers rating...


Anonymous said...

If the ebay sellers are selling the shirts second hand, then the charity already received $ from the initial sale. To paint them all as greedy is using to broad a brush.

DocRichard said...

Yes, I like broad brushes, they cover more ground than fine tooth combs. This is the old argument about ticket touts &c. The fact remains that these entrepreneurs make a profit from charitable efforts, and are therefore technically a species of parasite.

Marypierce said...

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