Friday, March 13, 2009

Spoiled for choice

Blimey! Spoiled for choice for what to comment on in today's news.
  • RBS has given up tax avoidance schemes worth 1/2 a billion, (a) because they no longer have the sums required and (b) because they are now owned by the taxpayer. No brainer for the man that made that decision. Give that man a bonus.
  • Stern attacks politicians over climate devastation. We need an Icelandic solution to that one.
  • EDF says development of new nuclear plant could be prevented if the government allows too much windpower to be built
  • China has sidelined Pan Yue, the green minister in the Government
  • Social workers spend too much time writing reports. I know about this one. Social work reports make the MfSS look like a short story. They note obsessively, every detail of their encounters, right down to the colour of the door. Either give them a Dictaphone and a typist, or teach them touch typing, or teach them to record significant points only.
  • Obama is rethinking the drugs war: answer, Buy, don't Burn.
  • Inequality (economic divergence) is the mother of all evils. Richard Wilkinson is your man. Green economics must generate convergence.
  • Pakistan and Mexico are floundering.
  • And I am off to Bristol to take part in the launch of the Soulth West Green Party's European Campaign, an event which will clearly displace all these other items from the front page.

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