Sunday, April 05, 2009

Brilliant account of the Climate Camp

Amelia's Magazine : Climate Camp in the City : April 4, 2009

Read this, if you read nothing else. Read about a peaceful festival of protest against the spurious Carbon Trading. Read how peaceful, non-violent, playful protesters who just happened to be camping in the City of London for 24 hours were set upon and beaten by police acting under the orders of "Commander" Bob Broadhurst.

Understand that there was no violence from the demonstrators, nothing was broken, no damage to property and person, nothing apart from disobedience. And the response of the Law was violence, gratuitous violence, beating peaceful demonstrators with their hands in the air, chanting "peace not violence".

We must stay non-violent, and must work to bring Bob Broadhurst and those higher up in the chain of command to book.

Otherwise Britain is going to end up like Burma.

Burma without the sunshine.

But : Green Party member of the Metropolitan Police Authority Jenny Jones has written a formal letter to the Metropolitan Police Commissioner to express her concerns about the treatment of the G20 protesters by the police.

Also: Liberal Democrat MP David Howarth said: "Eventually there will have to be a full inquest with a jury. It is a possibility this death was at police hands"

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And, amazingly, the Daily Mail seems to be waking up to the story.

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