Thursday, May 21, 2009

BBC probes MEPs' expenses; UKIP has no answer

BBC Daily Politics on MEPs' expenses: "...we asked the seven British parties who have MEPs the following questions:

1) Can you confirm the party policy in relation to MEPs' expenses?

2) Will you make public, before polling day on the 4th June, all expenses claimed by your party's MEPs since 2004 (the date of the last European Election)?"

The UKIP Party replied:

"Sorry but we are unable to provide you will a full breakdown of our MEPs expenses.

It is not that we do not think they should be published but because quite frankly at present we have neither the time or resources to provide them in the timescale you asked for".


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GreenCurmudgeon said...

UKIP has been plagued with some very odd characters from the start, including the Oompa Loompa of daytime television, Robert Kilroy-Silk. You would think that their dislike for the EU would mean they would reject any EU funding from the start: none of their MEPs looks particularly "deprived" to me. Their sole asset is that they give people a more respectable way for voting for the BNP: the same impulses drive their vote. It's going to be up to the Green Party to point out this will change absolutely nothing for the better.