Monday, May 04, 2009

European Petition on the Green New Deal

The European Green Party has a petition for the Green New Deal:

There is a way to combat climate change, and there is an answer to the economic crisis. Introducing a Green New Deal we can fight both at the same time. We need policies which will:

* create green collar jobs for five million Europeans within 5 years
* mobilise a cohesive strategy for private and public investment in the green economy that amounts to 500 billion Euros over the next five years (0,75% of the GDP of the EU)
* keep energy affordable
* help to fight climate change and green the European economy

The Green New Deal will set the European economy on a sustainable path and place Europe at the forefront of the Green industrial revolution.

Sign-up on the link at the top to support the core of the European Green New Deal, investing 500 Bn € to employ five million Europeans in greening Europe by 2014.

The petition will be submitted to the new elected Presidents of the European Parliament and the Commission as well as to the Swedish EU Presidency before the Copenhagen Climate negotiations on the Post Kyoto Agreement.

Worth a minute of our time.

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