Saturday, May 23, 2009

Reg Hunter on Nick Griffin and the Queen

Here is a piece of wisdom from the great Reg Hunter, who is possibly one of the greatest of great comedians of all time in the known universe, along with Chris Rock. And Billy Connolly. Oh, and Tommy Cooper. And...oh, well, never mind.

They are discussing the invitation of Nazi Griffin to the Queens Garden Party. Go here, and push the slider along to 24.57. "Discrimination is Bad - even against recists. Gotta let him go, man, gotta let him go".

I know that this is a complex issue, and Johnsons Darren and Boris are both doing their best to pull the iron out of the fire, but as an afro-american, Reg Hunter's views carry weight. He has experience in the matter.

What if Griffin meets the Queen?

"Hillew, end what do yew dew?"
"I am trying to make meaningless all the sacrifices that Britons made in the Second World War, ma'am".


GreenCurmudgeon said...

Don't forget, the Queen served in the Second World War albeit in a limited fashion, in the Women's Auxiliary Territorial Service as a driver and mechanic. I somehow think that she isn't going to take kindly to the heirs of Oswald Mosley inviting themselves to her soiree.

DocRichard said...

Yes, I hope and expect that the Queen would not be happy to meet the Griffin. She also seems genuinely interested in the wellbeing of the peoples of the Commonwealth.

But Reg's point about non-discrimination against racists is a serious one.

We really should be arguing against the BNP case:
1 They do occupy the same authoritarian space as the nazis on political Compass.
2 They are using the same scapegoating techniques on immigrants as the Nazis used against the Jews, Romanies and Communists.
3 Their ideology is the politics of hate.
4 The British people have shown themselves sympathetic to the Ghurkas.
5 Giving asylum to people fleeing oppression is an honorable British tradition.
6 Global economic and political equity, and the Index of Human Rights, is the only humane and civilised way to stem the flow of refugees into this country.
7 Government must address the lack of housing and jobs, so that the BNP cannot claim that migrants are "taking our houses and jobs".