Friday, May 08, 2009

UK Labour group voting record in the European Parliament

And here is the UK Labour group's voting record in the EU Parliament on environment, public health, energy and climate change:

  • Insisted on exempting big, polluting cars from stricter pollution standards under EU legislation
  • Supported weaker rules to regulate hazardous chemicals
  • Supported reclassifying waste incineration to promote its use
  • Supported the minimum necessary EU greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets
  • Some MEPs did not believe the EU should have a plan to phase out dangerous nuclear power, others had no opinion
  • Supported the necessary steps to avoid dangerous global warming by delivering domestic emissions reductions
  • Supported setting the necessary strict limits on car CO2 emissions from 2012 on
  • Wanted aviation to be treated more leniently than other industries in terms of greenhouse gas emissions reductions
  • Wanted to let airlines off the hook and exempt them from paying for their pollution
  • Did not believe new power plants should be built to the cleanest possible standards
  • Supported making the EU's energy efficiency target binding
  • Did not believe the EU's making the EU's biofuels target should be subject to any impact assessment as to the potential damaging consequences
  • Some MEPs did not believe new EU nuclear safety rules should be designed to promote the highest possible safety standards, others had no opinion
  • Did not want the use of public funds for nuclear research to be limited to research into nuclear safety
So. It is pretty clear that although the Big Three parties loudly proclaim their green credentials to a gullible and uncritical corporate media, when it comes down to the nitty-gritty of voting, they are all stuck in the business as usual pattern.

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