Monday, June 08, 2009


Oh dear. Oh dear o dear o dear.

The words of the Tragedian's Lament came to at one a.m. last night when I watched three vicorious Tories and two u-Kippers lined up on the platform (the LibDem was in Brussels working on his plan to become President of the EU Parliament):

"Death, death, death, alas.
Death, death, death, alas.
Oooooooooooooooooooohh woe!

And since then the questions have been bouncing off the walls of my sleep-deprived cranium like a litre of worms in a pint jar: What made people think, in the midst of a scandal of MPs expenses, that it would be a good idea to elect a bunch of Kippers who have the worst integrity record of all British MEPs? Just how is that expected to help?

Also: Which intrepid journalist will dare persistently to question Dave "vote Blue, get Green" Cameron on the logic that sends his swollen army of Tory MEPs to sit with homophobes. Must go and see what Ian Dale thinks about this move. [5 min later] Ian Dale has no search facility on his blog. Not one that I could find anyway. Huh!

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