Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Griffin: Egg throwing is not helpful...

...because the BNP is likely to respond with bricks.

Nor is it enough just to shout "Fascist scum!" at them.

We need to explain to the people who they are, exactly why they are indeed racists, why they are indeed the heirs to the Nazis, and why voting for them is voting for trouble.

Here is a starter, copied from an earlier posting.

1 The BNP is very close to the authoritarian position occupied by the Nazis on Political Compass.

2 The BNP is using the same scapegoating techniques on immigrants as the Nazis used against the Jews, Romanies and Communists.

3 Their ideology is the politics of hate, and will end in inter-communal violence if is does not die away, as it surely will, when they have their next schism, as the incompetence of their elected members becomes more widely recognised, and as their arguments become exposed to analysis.

4 The British people have recently shown themselves sympathetic to the position of one special group of immigration applicants, the Ghurkas, and many other immigrants have also done, and are doing, great service to Britain.

5 Giving asylum to people fleeing oppression is an honorable British tradition, which the BNP seeks to end.

6 Going for global economic and political equity, as the Green Party seeks to do, and the Index of Human Rights, is the only humane and civilised way to stem the flow of refugees into this country.

7 Government must address the lack of housing and jobs, so that the BNP cannot claim that migrants are "taking our houses and jobs". Green New Deal+ and the Right to Rent are movements in this direction.

8 Racists believe that their race is superior to another. Griffin has tried to sidestep this by asserting that those with the "British gene", (itself a scientific-sounding fiction) have a superior right to live in the UK. But their less well-guarded remarks reveal thay they believe themselves to be superior to other races.

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