Saturday, June 20, 2009

Iran Demonstrations - questions and answers

Iranians go out today 4pm Teheran time (12.30 BST) to insist that power must serve the people, not the reverse.
To insist on democracy, not autocracy.
To insist that elections must be free and fair to be worthy of the name democratic.

The Iranian demonstrators are acting on behalf of all humanity.
May we, in peace at home, be worthy of their courage.

What they face when they go out is total uncertainty.

Will the Basiji, the militia who were prepared to act as human mine-detonators in the Iran-Iraq war, will they attack with truncheons, like the British TSG at the G20 protests?
Will they kill deliberately, as the TSG killed accidentally?
Will they commit murder, using live rounds on unarmed civilians, the ultimate act of military cowardice?

Or will they remember their humanity, and fire into the air?
Or will the police and even the Republican Guard turn on the Basiji and restrain them?
Will the military and the police reject the sickening orders of the deluded autocrats and ideologues who order them to shame their regiment by acting as only cowards act?

Only questions this morning. This evening we will have answers.


Anonymous said...

do yourself a favour and resist the urge to draw comparisons between the UK police force and what happens in Tehran. Yes, UK police go too far sometimes, much too far on some occasions but I know who I would rather be policed by, never mind arrested by.

Good luck to the people of Iran.

DocRichard said...

Hello again anonymous

Thanks for the advice but the comparison is valid. Yes, there are differences, but yes again there are similarities. Things are not black and white, there are shades of grey. Iranian police behave brutally to non-violent demonstrators. British police likewise behave brutally to non-violent demonstrators. Period.

Thanks for commenting.