Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Iran Election: what is the BBC up to?

I have just seen Paxman running a nice, balanced piece on the Iran election. He had an Iranian state TV person with him in the studio, and an opposition spokeswoman on the screen. He did not give the Iranian propagandist a hard time at all, by Paxman standards, and then proceeded to let him interrupt the opposition speaker.

Also, the BBC has been describing Ahmediajad as the winner of the elections in its new items.

Here, the caption is "...demonstration at what they see as a fraudulent election".

How is it that the BBC is unable to read, let alone broadcast, the evidence for fraud?

Maybe, like the pro-Israeli right wing extremist Daniel Pipes, the BBC's political commanders would rather have a total enemy like Ahmedinajad in power in Iran, rather than having to deal with the more reasonable Mousavi.

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