Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Write to UN, bring AhmadiNajad down

Below is a draft letter summarizing action that the United Nations should do now to end AhmadiNajad's electoral fraud and brutal repression in Iran.

Please copy it, and send it to your own country's representative.
Here is a link to your UN representative.

If wished, change the wording to suit your own style, and add your own points and questions - this adds to the effectiveness of any letter writing campaign.

By all means use email, but it is more powerful to back it up with a letter also.

Please spread this link and text widely to friends and colleagues. Everyone is disturbed by what is happening in Iran, but most people wrongly believe that there is nothing they can do. We can have a positive effect in bringing this Iranian tragedy to a speedy resolution, and this will have a knock-on effect on all the other repressive regimes throughout the world. But we can only have an effect if vast numbers of us take action together.

Do it for Neda, do it for all humanity.

Dear [Permanent Representative]

The actions of the Iranian authorities in repressing the pro-democracy demonstrations in June 2009 are completely unacceptable.

There is good evidence that the Iranian Government caused electoral fraud to take place in the Presidential election. There is more than enough evidence that agents of the Iranian Government are murdering, beating, torturing and arresting Iranian citizens for demonstrating their objection to the electoral fraud. It is clear that the Iranian Government is not exercising its “responsibility to protect” its people according to United Nations rules, and therefore the United Nations is obliged to bring effective pressure to bear on the Iranian Government.

I ask you as my representative to use all your power and influence within the United Nations General Assembly and with the Security Council to persuade the Iranian regime to cease their brutal repression of demonstrations, and to hold another, fair, election.

Until the Iranian Government takes these actions, please do all you can to ensure that the following measures are put in place as soon as possible:
1. A ban on foreign travel for members of the regime (“Members of the regime” here to refer to all members of Government parties, and their civil servants and agents), except for travel specifically to carry news of, and negotiations regarding, a change of policy relevant to the demands that the UN is making.
2. A freeze on all financial assets belonging to members of the Iranian regime.
3. Tightening of all border crossing points around Iran, with strict searches to exclude import of weapons, ammunition and surveillance equipment.
4. The Iranian regime to be denied eligibility to serve on appropriate United Nations bodies, for example, the Human Rights Council, and President Ahmadinajad to be severely constrained in his ability to address the General Assembly.
5. The United Nations to consider giving appropriate financial and logistical support to opposition parties whose aims are judged to be helpful to the democratic process.

Appropriate sanctions should be drawn up to address regimes and companies that fail to comply with these targeted sanctions.

As soon as the regime takes action to retrace its steps, or if the offending regime steps aside to allow a democratic government to be set up, these sanctions will be repealed.

I fully understand the complexity and gradualness of processes within the UN, but at the same time I urge you to give priority to this matter, since courageous people who are standing up for democracy are being killed, beaten and tortured as you read this letter. The United Nations exists to protect and promote democracy and human rights, and if the Iranian Government is allowed to succeed in its electoral fraud and repression, democracy and human rights worldwide will be set back immeasurably. If on the other hand the United Nations takes prompt, firm, decisive and effective action in this case, the ground will be prepared for similar positive action elsewhere in the world.

Many thanks for your efforts to bring this unhappy affair to a satisfactory and peaceful conclusion.

Yours sincerely


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