Friday, July 03, 2009

Darling "warns" the bankers- not

Exclusive: 'Get real' – Darling warns the bankers - UK Politics, UK - The Independent
"Alistair Darling has warned bankers to stop backsliding into their bad old ways as he promised a much tougher regulatory system to prevent a repeat of last autumn's financial crisis."

More NuLabour hot air. Words aplenty, action zilch. As with climate change, so with reining in the banksters. [See below].

It's no good, we are going to get into the streets before we get meaningful change in this backward country.

The banksters will argue that if they don't get bonuses, the "best" (i.e. the people responsible for the fact that the National Debt now stands at 150% of GDP) people will move abroad.

Fine. The fact is that Anglo-Saxon capitalism is the most deregulated in the world. We are out in front where laissez-faire, free market is concerned. So it's not that we will be unable to compete with Europe; we are ahead of them in terms of financial excess; our influence is driving them onwards.

It's all enough to make you want to run off and join the socialists. Apart from the fact that they have no critique of the way that money is created by private corporations, on the ground that it is politically incorrect to do so, because some monetary reformers are anti-semitic, and the Left abhors anti-semitism (although it is devoutly anti-zionist). Have I got that right? I think so, but dialectical politics is so very very complex...

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