Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mendip Licensing Department in a BiGG hole and still digging

Just finished a half-hour telephone conversation with Jason Kirkwood who works at Licensing, Mendip District Council, (tel 01749 648999 ) in response to my letter below. (scroll down to Dear Charlene). I asked him at the outset to write, but the poor bugger insisted on trying to deal with it over the phone. We got as far as discussing road safety and lower speed limits on the fast roads around the sites, covering a lot of related territory as we talked. Mendip could have brought in temporary traffic orders to slow the traffic, but failed to do so, and then blamed their own failure on the BGG.

The conversation reinforced my feeling that Mendip and Avon and Somerset Police have constructed the closure of the BGG.

Jason is now on the phone complaining that Charlene's email is on the blog, so I have agreed to take it off.

In our conversation Jason refused to deny that he was a climate change sceptic, pleading political neutrality of the council officer. I pointed out that climate change is not a political but a scientific matter. I did not say that that climate change denial is a psychiatric matter, but if he is in climate change denial, I think his fitness for public service is open to question.

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