Friday, July 10, 2009

Murdoch most foul, but AC John Yates sees no evil

Murdoch's News of the World phone hacking story is playing all around the world (except on Murdoch owned outlets). That's what happens if you run an international news corporation.

Assistant Commissioner John Yates would like to close the file on illegal phone-tapping by Rupert Murdoch's lackeys. At the same time three inquiries are underway, and the tappees are consulting their lawyers. What is the betting that the files held by the Met will accidentally get shredded by a careless secretary?

Clearly, Rupert Murdoch (whose News Group has paid out £1million to three persons unknown on condition that they keep schtum) has a friendly relationship with John Yates, or will have, after this decision.

Maybe Murdoch's News International is too big to jail, in Yates' view.

Bankers, politicians, now newspapers and possibly the Met: all masters, all found indulging in dodgy activity of one kind or another. The bigger they come, the harder they fall, one and all. Like the Iranian regime, they are all engaged in a desperate pretence that the world can continue with Business as Usual. It cannot. We will see radical reform of our power structures in coming months and years.

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