Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Afghan democratic elections - another fine mess, Tony Blair

Six years of war in Afghanistan, 200 dead British soldiers, and the end product is a seriously fraudulent election. Thank you Tony Blair, thank you NATO and thank you the servile British corporate media who are up for anything that involves explosions and the Union Flag waving.

How long will it take for Brown to send a message of congratulations to Karzai on his "win"? Will he send a copy to AhmedNajad of Iran? Two fraudsters, but one is our fraudster.

How long will it take for the British Establishment to learn that democracy does not come out of the barrel of a gun? There is more to democracy than electing a central government, whether effective or ineffective, corrupt or chaste. Democracy is an expression of the will of the people, and needs to be built from the grassroots up - local democracy first, supporting a central government. The Indians have a good model in the Panchayat where democracy is based on groups of five discussion units, each five of such units sending representatives to the next level of discussion, and so on until the highest level of government is reached.

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